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Fishing at El Vado Lake

I can’t believe I actually got to go fishing, after trying all summer the cards fell in place and my son and I loaded up the truck and headed out to El Vado State park. A pretty good day of fishing too, 1 large mouth bass and 14 brown trout, got them all with spinner lures right under the dam. Here’s a picture of our spot.photo (8)

Welcome to dthomasdigital!

Wow, what another turn around for dthomasdigital. In the many years we’ve been blogging dthomasdigital has been many things from a simple information blog, to a blog all about LINUX, and recently a blog promoting video game development. So yet again dthomasdigital evolves into a new and exciting topic, a blog for hiking, camping, and all kinds of associated gear. We’ll be reviewing trails and camp sites, learn techniques on food storage, bush-craft, wilderness and urban first-aid. We hope to bring to you information on the latest gear and so much more. So check back often, send us ideas, become a guest blogger, tell us what items you’d like to see reviewed. This is after all no fun without you.