Working on updates

Wow what a busy summer working on updates to Nova Break, and even the art work for flaming trots…look for updates soon. With luck some time this weekend.

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EARTH 2030 for the construct2 gamejam

Go check out EARTH 2030, a fun little game made for the construct 2 gamejam

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Long time no post

Don’t worry we are still here, a contest popped up and we took a few weeks from developing Nova Break and have been working in a simple little shooter called earth 2030, it’s important for little studios such as ours to work on contest as a way to help us move us forward. We should have it uploaded soon and don’t forget to check it out.

- dthomasdigital

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Just A Small update

We keep working on our games, and keep making progress, Just a FYI!

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Nova Break just got listed on indieDB’s Home Page !

Let the games begin we’ve started to post the news about the Nova Break Demo, of course now this means the real work starts. Read the post here check out indieDB here and play Nova Break here!

Thanks – dthomasdigital

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Nova Break Early Access

As we make real progress with our first game release Nova Break, we really want to make this as good a retro gaming experience as we can for you. That means spending more time on development and bringing in as many professionals as we can coders, graphic artiest, and a sound engineers. So we thought we would try a little early access fund raising.

The Demo of Nova Break will stop at 6 levels but those of you who donate (and that’s any amount) will get every level up to level 20 as we develop them no waiting or nothen’ and all kinds of special goodies to download like sound tracks and wallpapers And who knows what else.

Here is our bitcoin address: 1JJKXVLar6Ff8EhwB3NNjmcjxcorQWcNwe

From all of us here at dthomasdigital we thank you, and hope to make the games you like to play.

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Nova Break Bug fixes

Introduced a bug in yesterdays demo update so we needed to fix it and fixed a few others as well.

To play the latest version of Nova Break click HERE!

Bug Fix:

- fixed not being able to fire on player warping in after being killed
- music not stopping when leaving the how to play screen
- bomb no longer appearing on top of other objects

Thanks for playing – dthomasdigital team

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Nova Break demo update!

We’ve made some real progress and fixed some bugs and added features, still only 3 playable levels but the demo will eventually have 6 levels and the full game 24 of ring smashing action.

Go here to play the game or click Nova Break!

Change Log:
- Bonus stars awarded at 50,100,125 on each level
- Player bullets have a limit 3 shots (you get the shots back as the bullet is destroyed)
- added the level labels on the level page for levels 1 through 6, only 3 playable levels for now
- some bug fixes

Future Features:
- extra bonus for clearing all the sections of the ring shield
- introduction of the hunter killers
- survivor level (the boss level)
- collective score tracking for each level

Be sure and let us know what you think

- dthomasdigital team

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Even coders need a vacation

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but spring break called and we took a vacation, don’t despair a new Nova Break demo with better game play and scoring will be released today.

- dthomasdigital

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Fixing Bugs in Nova Break Updated Demo Out

Well the one thing about games is the more you work on them the more bugs you introduce and we sure have been doing that. The latest demo has some real bugs and your help in finding them would be great. Go here for the NOVA BREAK bug hunt, oh and it’s got 3 playable levels now.

Thanks from the dthomasdigital team.

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