Fixing Bugs in Nova Break Updated Demo Out

Well the one thing about games is the more you work on them the more bugs you introduce and we sure have been doing that. The latest demo has some real bugs and your help in finding them would be great. Go here for the NOVA BREAK bug hunt, oh and it’s got 3 playable levels now.

Thanks from the dthomasdigital team.

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Nova Break Update

We’ve been doing a bit of cleanup on Nova Break fixing some bugs here and there, so a new update to the demo is out: NOVA BREAK

Change Log:

Fixed a huge Pause bug in Level 1
Smart Bomb now shakes the screen
Added sounds to the smart bomb

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Nova Break Demo Updates

Click here to play the new demo: NOVA BREAK

Change Log:


Have fun and send us some feedback – dthomasdigital team.

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More Updates to Nova Break

We’ve started to add some game elements so be sure and test those out and let us know:

Click NOVABREAK to go to the updated demo!

Added or changed:

- Da bomb now shows up on level one press x to use. Right now it’s a timed event about every 20 seconds one shows up. I find it real hard to get to the bomb to increase the bomb count, (or we just can’t fly our own ship) let us know if it works for you.
- Sounds and eye candy when you shoot a shield wall.
- User interface changes
- slowed down the rotation of objects on the “how to play” page.
- credits page now works.

More to come – dthomasdigital

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Update to the Demo Nova Break

HTML5 can be such a pain we updated  the demo but if you click in the new link NOVA BREAK you may still load the old demo. So you may have to clear you cache and cookies we are looking for a workaround.

Lots of changes as we are moving to a load/save system and not relying on cookies to save your progress. Lots of graphic and user interfaces changes too.

Have fun and check back often updates to the demo will be made weekly (at the very least).

- The Nova Break Team



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Teaser Alpha Demo Nova Break Released!

Well that took forever check out the alpha demo here. Right now it’s in HTML5 but it will be out in Windows, Mac, and Linux when the final release is finished (we might do iOS and android if we can optimize the code). Please remember it’s full of bugs, and graphics, game play, music you name it is subject to change (OK will change). Main test have been made using chrome but please try it out on any browser that uses HTML5. Send feedback to, this demo will be updated as bug fixes and features are added so check back often.

Thanks from the dthomasdigital team.

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Alpha Demo Will Be Released This Weekend


Hello all, this weekend will be the release of the Alpha Demo, just need to make sure all the places you click take you somewhere. As you may have guessed not a ton of game play and the music, sounds, graphics, and even logic will be changing but we need feedback and lots of it. Levels are being designed and we are trying to finalize how to handle game saves. Stay tuned!



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New Nova Break Screen Shots

The Alpha Demo is just around the corner, to get you ready here are some screen shots of the start screen, level select screen, and instructions screen. We should be posting some game play videos soon as well. The Alpha demo will be in HTML5 and we sure would like some feedback on performance.





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Nova Break alpha demo coming soon.

We will try and stop with the vaporware but I just need to add the embedded fonts to the latest build and a web based HTML5 version of the 1st level will be uploaded soon. Being a developer of 3 sometimes life gets in the way and you just don’t get to devote all the time you need to, but real progress is being made. The demo will have very limited features and tons of bugs but we really want to get it out there and get some feedback.

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Nova Break Teaser Trailer

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