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Gear Review: Cold Steel Survival Edge Orange Knife


This week’s gear review is my go to knife for almost all my hiking and camping adventures, the Cold Steel Survival Edge.

It’s a great little knife and has all the features you need for safe knife operations.  Below are some simple specifications.

  • Blade Thick: 2.5mm
  • Blade Length: 5″
  • Handle Length: 4-1/4″
  • Overall Length: 9-1/4″

At under $25.00 and coming with a hard plastic sheath and Ferrocerium fire steel it’s a great bargain and can handle many simple camping task, sure it won’t last a life time but I’ve used it for many task and it’s still going strong and at that price point you can buy two or three. I carry one in my EDC (every day carry), and BOB (bug out bag) too. The orange handle (hard to loose when you drop it at a camp site) is hollow and I store fire started in it plus it floats. The knife is strong and sharp, if you don’t like that glowing orange handle it comes in standard black too.

The tang of the blade only extends into the handle about an inch, so this in not a pry-bar and you’re going to need something a bit more heavy if you need to chop some wood, but as a general camping, backpacking knife you can’t go wrong.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Cold Steel in anyway, the views of dthomasdigital are strictly opinions only.

A blog to Visit: Preparedness Advice Blog

I’m really a huge fan of the blog Preparedness Advice Blog, it’s really chocked full of great advice. My favorite post are the numerous post on food storage and food preparation but it’s so much more than that. They are prolific bloggers and have a new post almost everyday. You’re bound to learn something new I know I have. So check them out, you’ll be glad you did and they’ve earned the top spot on my links section.

Got a blog that you think belongs in the links? Tell me about it and I’ll review it here.

Working out the bugs.

Just a post to help work on some testing for the site, thinking about posting instructions on making home-made fire starters. Stay Tuned.

Updated pictures on the site.

Yesterday I added new pictures to the header of the site as we move to establish more original content. I’m very lucky to have access to the entire library of award winning photographs from photographer Cindy Thomas’s gallery. It’s nice to be married to talent, trust me when I post pictures I take you’ll spot the difference. The pictures used are from many locations through out New Mexico including White Sands National Monument, Jemez State Monument, and the very unique Kokopelli’s Cave.

If you’d like to see more head over to Cindy Thomas Photography and see images from  all over the world.

Going to Mars!

Well not really but at least my name is.

Perea Nature Trail

On Saturday 10/27/2014 we took a nice hike on the Perea Nature Trail. It’s a one-mile loop hiking and interpretive (lots of information signs located through out the trail) trail located just outside the village of San Ysidro, NM on US 550. This late in the season and with the monsoon rains over the wetland was a bit dry, and with it being later in the day, we started the hike around 11:00am, not many birds or other critters where around. It was a beautiful day, the temperature was around 70 degrees, and  viability was perfect. We had a perfect view of Blanco Mesa and the Nacimiento mountain chain. Along the trail the Salado River was dry, well almost dry you could see the fall sun drying out the mud. The trail has some bird blinds over looking the wetland area so we’ll be back in the spring to do a little bird watching and some photography.

Season: Early Fall, October

Difficulty: Easy one-mile trail

Directions: From Bernalillo, NM travel about 20 miles north on US 550, cross the Rio Salado bridge and turn left (west) on the paved access road just before the village of San Ysidro, NM. A brown state highway recreation sign is posted on US 550 at the turnoff. We found it much easier and safer to turn into the parking lot by driving into San Ysidro and finding a place to turn around and come into the lot from the south on US 550 other than crossing over due to on coming traffic.

Welcome to dthomasdigital!

Wow, what another turn around for dthomasdigital. In the many years we’ve been blogging dthomasdigital has been many things from a simple information blog, to a blog all about LINUX, and recently a blog promoting video game development. So yet again dthomasdigital evolves into a new and exciting topic, a blog for hiking, camping, and all kinds of associated gear. We’ll be reviewing trails and camp sites, learn techniques on food storage, bush-craft, wilderness and urban first-aid. We hope to bring to you information on the latest gear and so much more. So check back often, send us ideas, become a guest blogger, tell us what items you’d like to see reviewed. This is after all no fun without you.